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The ownership and top management of Trinetra Tours, under the leadership of Tapas Banerjee, is a group of young and dynamic people. We are in the trade for only one reason - we love it; and this is what that makes us different from our competitors. We do not claim to offer better tours by showing 'better' the sights of India. The latter are a part of our historical creativity for all to see and form their independent opinions. It is our inherent love for people and our desire Image Not Foundto serve them that make our tourists feel wanted and cared for. This in turn engenders their faith and confidence in our intentions and abilities. With this kind of assurance, our tourists are in a better state of mind to appreciate the tour without feeling edgy or defensive about an alien country with an alien culture. Personalisation of relationships is the mainstay of our tours and we are able to provide the same for the following reasons :

First, we make an effort to understand the needs & interest of our customers. We make an effort to maintain a flexible and pragmatic approach to tourism. In this website, we will NOT restrict you with suggested tour itineraries, but, lay out for you destinations that we think would be fascinating. Then, depending on your interest, and your comments about the destinations listed, we would use our skills to tailor make a "Special Interest" tour that would take into consideration both your choice of destination as well as your back to topspecial interest be it photography, walking, biking, wildlife viewing, observing traditional cultures and lifestyles, art & architecture etc. The reason behind this approach is an effort to personalise the tour to the interest and choice of the customer

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Image Not FoundSecond, we do not consider people as numbers or files to be dealt with. Each individual represents to us an individual identity, with whom we look forward to establishing genuine friendship

Third, all our special interest tours are fully escorted by hand picked quality escorts. We are confident of the intentions and motivations of the escorts we work with. Also, we are in complete realisation of the fact that in a service trade all depends upon the quality and amount of efforts one puts in. Our escorts are not only well informed about the places covered in the tour, they are well educated and from cultured families. Besides being able to discus with tourists on diverse topics (not limited to travel alone), they spread good humor and cheer - thus creating a sort of family atmosphere where everybody cares and is tolerant of fellow tourists. We have had tourists leaving with tears in their eyes. So strong was their love for India and so strong was their attachment to our escort who made it possible for them to have such a wonderful holiday within a family atmosphere.

Fourth, we expend a lot of time and effort in identifying hotels we think our tourists need. The hotels are hand picked and reasonably priced. Many of them, although modernised , still retain their character and old world charm. We look for clean comfortable beds, clean western style attached toilets with hot and cold running water, good ambience, clean uniform of staff, good restaurants with a choice of meals,back to top air-conditioning and the most important thing that is the the personalisation of service. The atmosphere should be friendly, helpful and hospitable - the essence of our tours.

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Image Not FoundFifth, we also enjoy the privilege of being bestowed with some of the best rates from the leading hotels of the country. This enables to us the opportunity to provide the best hotels at the best prices. In today’s age when customers are net conscious, they tend to check the hotels they are to stay. It pleases them no ends when they realise that they are booked in top end hotels.

Finally, within India, we operate through a network of extremely professional sub-agents. Again, here we share the same kind of family relationship that brings out the best in each of us for the other and our tourists.

Besides, the personalisation of services, one of our relative advantages is that we are all from the field and thus have a greater insight in to both what the tourists want to see as well as what our market has to offer. This is the main reason that makes it possible for us to tailor make tour programs to the special interest of our customers. Our field knowledge also helps us to add value to our tours at each stage; and here the personality of the tour operator comes into relevance. Vis-à-vis monuments, we feel more attracted towards things that are alive, things we can relate to and things which help us to see our lives in a different perspective. When I reverse the situation and see what fascinates me, for instance when I am in England, I get an answer to what would fascinate people from the West in India. I will not deny that the Buckingham Palace, The Trafalgar Square, Westminster, Windsor Castle did come across to me as very awesome buildings, but they were not my highlights in England. What is etched in my mind as a sweet and unforgettable experience are things that are related to the day to day life of the British society; a massive sea of humanity at Victoria Station going up or down the escalators in an orderly calm, people travelling long distances on British Rail without exchanging a word of conversation, seeing young girls wearing shorter than short shorts going for a morning walk with their dogs, newspaper shops, fruit stalls, rag markets, people consuming food at fast food restaurants, the atmosphere in pubs, young couples hugging and kissing in public places, the unifoback to toprm of the police, the speed of the traffic etc. are things that I remember most, because they happen so differently in India. The experience enables me to see my own life in a completely different perspective..india travel, travel to india, tour operator in india

Image Not FoundSimilarly, in India, we would take our people on escorted walks through popular bazaars , visit to typical homes and work places (Brick works, papermaking, village potters etc.). We would find time to escape from big cities to see everyday life in tribal villages, unchanged for centuries. We would interact with the locals, organise typical magic shows and folk dances. This way the trip is much more alive, fulfilling and realistic. Women love to have themselves outfitted - buying their own material and having themselves ' sized up; by a tailor at a reasonable price. It is not the price, but the feeling of participation that is important. Rides in cycle rickshaws, 3-wheel auto - rickshaws and horse drawn carriages are invariably accompanied by peals of laughter from both the people inside the carriage, as well as the onlookers. Imagine walking on a pavement with our escort in a colourful bazaar and bumping into a pavement barber or more seriously a pavement dentist - their 'wares' including a laughing set of dentures proudly displayed on the pavement. Tourists return with a much greater understanding of the country they have visited. If shown correctly, India is like falling in love - the experience goes straight to the heart and stirs the soul. But to obtain these results, the tour operator should be dedicated towards research on what is available in his country, have a love for people and must experience pleasure in showing tourists his country and countrymen.

We, in all humility thank the almighty for our success and look forward to greater accomplishments with your co-operation. We are extending a hand of friendship towards you - a friendship that you would always cherish.

We realise that it would be difficult for you to evaluate the quality of services we promise. However, there is a way out. Try talking to us; try corresponding with us. You would soon realise that you are dealing with a "different" kind of people who hold a very distinct and refreshing attitude towards not only the travel trade, but, also in the manner they deal with you. There is also another way out; upon your request, we can mail to you a sample list of customers who have been on our various tours in the last few years. We suggest you get in touch with them for a first hand account of the customer’s side of the story. Somebody said, and, back to topwe agreed that the proof of the pudding is in eating it !! So, why not take opinions and impressions of the people who have " Tasted " the pudding.?

We look forward to associating with you and look forward to hearing from you.