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Hidden Treasures of India

Tour Duration : 08 Days
Destinations Covered : Delhi, Nawalgarh, Jaipur, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra

Value Added Optional Tours Available (Request for prices and detailed information): -

Hidden Treasures of India!!

Jeep drives to Mukundgarh, Mandawa, Fatehpur, and LohargalFor someone from the West, India provides an authentic adventure - stimulating, absorbing, daunting, sometimes moving and shocking. Here is one of the world's great dramas; an ancient, vast and crowded land committed to the most formidably challenging exercise in mass democracy. It is a spectacle in which hope, pride, paradox and uncertainty mingle and struggle. It is conducted on the whole, and to India's credit in the open. The lasting memories of the land are hospitality, kindness, good humor and generosity. Here is a society of over a 1000 million people, growing by a million a month, divided and united by language, caste, religion and regional loyalties. It has often been described as a functioning anarchy; and it is in many ways an amiable one, of marvelous fluidity and tolerance. Indeed, the true Indian motif is not the Tajmahal, the elephant or the patient peasant behind the ox drawn plough. It is the crowd, the ocean of faces in the land of multitudes, endlessly stirring, pushing and moving. It is in this human circulation that one sees India's colour, variety, busyness, and, senses also its power, vitality and grandeur.

Namaste! - We welcome you with folded hands

Day 01: Arrival / Delhi

Late night arrival, Meeting and assistance upon arrival as our representative welcome you and escort you to your car.

Whilst the room keys and check-in is organized, our representative would introduce the tour to you and hand over the documents to you.

Welcome to India, or as we say ‘atithi devo bhava’ (the guest is an incarnation of God). Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!

Overnight at Crowne Plaza, Mayur Vihar (Superior Room)

Day 02: Delhi

Qutab Minar, Delhi, IndiaFollowing breakfast, we proceed on a guided tour of New Delhi, Visiting such sights as, Humayun's Tomb (1586), the Qutab Minar 72 meters high and one of the most perfect towers in the Persian world. The Iron Pillar which has survived the vagaries of weather for o0ver 1500 years. Continue with a drive through Embassy area, the Government buildings (1921-1930) and Connaught Place, the heart and main shopping district of the capital. We will also visit India Gate

Later, we cross the city and into the walled gates of the Old city with visits to the Jamma Mosque (1650) and drive through the fabled area of Chandni Chowk (aptly translates to Moonlight Square) where the throngs of shoppers and vendors meet in the oldest area of Delhi. Visit the Raj Ghat and nearby ghats where the founder of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi and thereafter Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were cremated.

The highlight of this tour would be a ride on cycle rickshaws. Now these are 3-wheel cycles with a sofa seat at the back. The Rickshawalla (Rickshaw driver) sits on a small cushion in the front and two passengers on the sofa seat behind. This is a remarkable way to explore and picture the hustle and bustle as well as the colour of the narrow winding streets bursting with people and pavement shops selling wares of all description - including a laughing set of dentures. The ride would be accompanied by peals of laughter both from the passengers as well as the onlookers.

Overnight at Crowne Plaza, Mayur Vihar (Superior Room)

Day 03: Delhi / Nawalgarh (216 Kms) (04 Hrs Drive)

Following breakfast, we will drive to Nawalgarh

NawalgarhUpon arrival, check into Roop Niwas Kothi, which is a perfect place to experience the true essence of Rajasthan's hospitality, Roop Niwas Kothi represents a charming blend of European and Rajput style of Architecture. It is not only an ideal base to see the havelis and experience traditional lifestyles, but, staying here is a unique experience in itself. The resort, with its serene atmosphere and old world charm re - creates a romantic charm of a regal bygone era. The low rise building is pleasingly symmetrical, with large areas for dining and relaxing. The formal gardens are a delight for walks and bird watching. There is a long lily-filled channel which is a welcome sight in the dry climate.

Afternoon we step out of our regal home and experience the life, living & traditions of a small feudal town frozen in time. We will also tour the sights too. Nawalgarh is one of the biggest and busiest towns of Shekhawati. Founded in the 18th Century it has some of the finest frescoes in the Shekhawati region. A huge fort with a colourful bazaar and numerous havelis with elaborate architecture make it an interesting destination. We will tour some of the prominent havelis like Anandilal Poddar Haveli, Aath Haveli, Hodh Raj Patodia Haveli, etc.

Overnight at Roop Niwas Kothi (Suite)

Day 04: Nawalgarh

Roop Niwas Kothi and Nawalgarh offer a variety of options to visitors. These can be arranged or booked with the resort itself. We suggest that you indulge and involve yourself in activities depending upon your interests. We could suggest some of the possible activities as below:

Mehndiwali (Indian Tattoo): Different types of traditional designs can be made on hands of women with a paste of mehndi (Henna). This is a traditional decoration and extremely popular with women of all age in India. The true colour of the henna surfaces in a couple of days. It is believed that the darker the color the henna takes; greater would be the love between the partners! Some women also conceal the name initial of their husbands/partners - again, this is an expression of traditional love as women generally do not take the names of their husbands!

Jeep drives to Mukundgarh, Mandawa, Fatehpur, and Lohargal: Jeep drives to Mukundgarh, Mandawa, Fatehpur, and LohargalThis is an exciting drive through primitive and tribal villages, towns & country side where traditions centuries old still permeate life styles. We would have opportunities to witness traditional lifestyles existing and regenerating over centuries. The smoothened mud floors of the village huts remind one of the simple and traditional living here. Once in the villages we would also have a chance to walk and explore the area, interact with the locals, walk into schools witness the atmosphere in temples, village squares etc.

Besides jeep safaris in the vicinity, an excursion to the famous black buck sanctuary of Tal Chhapar with picnic lunch is also an option. The ride would be along rough sand trails on the way up, and, the return would be along a different route on metalled roads. The idea is to have an adventure, step off the tourist trail and witness off the beaten track areas and settlements.

Cycling ToursCycling Tours: A Half day or a Full day Cycle ride through semi desert terrain and past tribal villages would be an interesting option for the adventure lover. The biking commences from the hotel. We sightsee the attractions of Nawalagarh town then ride on to another medieval Indian feudal town of Dundlod to witness the attractions of the place. You may also choose to have lunch or a drink at the famous Dundlod castle. Later in the day you may ride back to your hotel via visits to small villages and farm land en route.

Trekking: For those interested, Trekking in the Aravali hills which are about 32 km away from Nawalgarh in the valley of Lohargal can be set up. It is not a hard trek and could be possible for reasonably fit individuals.

Horse RidesHorse rides & Camel Rides: The Royal family of Roop Niwas Kothi have pioneered unique horse safaris and camel safaris throughout the surrounding and adjoining tribal lands of Nawalgarh. They have well bred and schooled horses in their stables and also own a number of their own camels. If interested in a longer safari, you could have a packed lunch. The fascinating safaris on unusual routes extend to about 15 / 20 Kms.

Hands on Cooking Classes: For people with culinary inclination, special cooking classes can be arranged. Here, we would start from the basic and the experience would commence with your visiting the local bazaar to buy your green grocery, and the chicken (if you wish). We will buy the spices, return back to the hotel. Get your chilled beer ready and keep it handy as you follow a step by step instruction and prepare a traditional Rajasthani cuisine. The great joy of Indian cooking is the release of aromas of different herbs and spices as they are added in steps to enrich the flavour of the curry. The saying “As you sow so you reap” is slightly amended in our context to mean “As you cook, so you eat - “Bon Appétit”

Overnight at Roop Niwas Kothi (Suite)

Day 05: Nawalgarh / Jaipur (140 Kms) (03 Hrs Drive)

After breakfast, we will drive to Jaipur.

Upon arrival in Jaipur check into the Shahpura House, the Traditional Rajput architect, a mixture of Mughal and Indian, a facade with domes and frescoes. The House is a very fine example of Shekhawati frescos and architecture. Conceived as a traditional Indian palace, The Shahpura House showcases the rich heritage of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan with its rambling courtyards, gentle rippling fountains, reflecting pools and gardens. Interiors embellished with decorative domes, hand painted frescoes, intricate mirror work and beautifully crafted artifacts create an ambience of regal splendour, the family portraits, which add to the charm of this family hotel where tradition still runs strong.

After rest & relaxation, we explore the unending shopping options of Jaipur along with our Guide. An essential starting point for Rajasthan craftwork is block making and block printing and we will be exploring the process from start to finish in some of the popular stores here. The opportunity also exists here to tailor make outfits to your design and size.

Jaipur Shahpura House We also explore one of the chief attractions of Jaipur - its jewelry, which offers a variety that ranges from chunky tribal jewelry to enameled gold to modern diamond jewelry. Kundan (art of stone setting) and enamel jewelry has been a specialty of Rajasthan, particularly that of Jaipur. The stones are embossed into decorative shapes & patterns and embellished with delicate enamel ornamentation in the champeve (raised field) technique. Jaipur is well known for its gold and silver enameling. Colorful bangles made of lac and set with semiprecious stones make an inexpensive buy. The craftsmen take great pains to embed the hundreds of stones into the lac. The skilled gem-cutters of Jaipur carve enchanting little animals and birds from rock, crystal, jade, smoky topaz and amethyst. Intaglio beads & buttons and crystal scent bottles are also available

Overnight at Shahpura House (Suite Room)

Day 06: Jaipur

JaipurThis morning we visit Amber Fort, the former capital of the royal Jaipurs. Few fail to be moved by the dramatic Rajput grandeur of this hilltop fortress-palace 11 km north of Jaipur. Set on the dry wrinkled Aravali Hills, and surrounded by fortified battlements, the palace straddles two sepia-hued tundra hills overlooking Maota Lake, and its sprawling crenellated walls lattice the surrounding hills.

We will ride up to this hilltop palace on a caparisoned, painted elephant, passing through the ancient main gate where Maharajas of Jaipur have entered for four hundred years. Our guide will elaborate on the history of this architectural masterpiece with its mirror-studded alcoves, dazzling mosaics and water-cooled swings that delight today’s visitors as they did their former royal residents.

We will ride up to this hilltop palace on a caparisoned, painted elephant, passing through the ancient main gate where Maharajas of Jaipur have entered for four hundred years. Our guide will elaborate on the history of this architectural masterpiece with its mirror-studded alcoves, dazzling mosaics and water-cooled swings that delight today’s visitors as they did their former royal residents.

We shall visit the Hawa Mahal or Palace of the Winds, a five-storied structure of pink sandstone with semi-octagonal and delicately honeycombed windows overlooking the main street of the old city. It was built in 1799 so that veiled royal women could peer down unseen by the world through its 593 stone screens.

Shahpura HouseAfternoon, we proceed on a tour Of the City Palace & Observatory. The City Palace in the heart of the old city is a blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. The palace lies in the heart of the city and occupies the whole central grid. The fortified wall has seven gates and was built for protection from invading armies and animals that lived in jungles, which surrounded the wall that time. Next, we visit the Solar Observatory - an astronomical treasure house, with solar device that give accurate predictions till date.

We also visit the temple of Govind Dev Ji. It is one of the most sacred and famous tourist destinations in India. The temple is located in the City Palace complex, of Jaipur. The idol of Govind Dev Ji is strikingly beautiful for its complete resemblance with Lord Krishna, and the temple is placed between Chandra Mahal and Badal Mahal in the City Palace complex. Every day, various 'Aartis' and 'Prasad' or 'Bhogs' are offered at the temple, at seven different times

Overnight at Shahpura House (Suite Room)

Day 07: Jaipur / Fatehpur Sikri / Agra (245 Kms) (06 Hrs Drive)

After breakfast, we drive to Agra stopping at deserted capital city of Fatehpur Sikri. This abandoned capital of the Mughals is a perfectly preserved city at the height of the empire’s splendour. The city divided into religious and secular parts has interesting well-sculpted buildings. From here we continue riding to Agra.

Upon arrival in Agra, check into Hotel Radisson

Evening, we will visit to Mehtab Bagh. The Moonlight Garden was an extension of the Taj Garden - on the other side of the river. In 1652 Aurangzeb wrote to his father telling of a visit to 'the blessed tomb' and commenting that 'the Mahtab Garden was completely inundated and has lost its charm, but soon it will regain its verdancy. The octagonal pool and the pavilion around it are in splendid condition.' The Mahtab Bagh was lost under the mud but re-excavated in the 1990s. Originally, the garden was planted with fragrant flowers and used in the cool of the night as a place from which to view the Taj Mahal reflected in the octagonal pool and in the river.

Overnight at Hotel Radisson – a 5* Hotel (Superior Room)

Day 08: Agra / Delhi (205 Kms) (04 Hrs Drive) (Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays) Delhi / Departure

Taj Mahal AgraAgra is the city of the Taj Mahal, perhaps the most photographed monument in the world. However, there is a degree of enigma about the Taj. Once you hear about a building so much and once you see so many pictures of a building your expectations are real high; and this is the enigma about the Taj Mahal. No matter how many pictures you have seen or no matter how high your expectations are the Taj never lets you down - the unparalleled glory and beauty of the building surpasses beyond all human imaginations. At sunrise we visit one of the greatest sights of one's lifetime - Taj Mahal. A dawn visit to the fabled Taj Mahal to witness the magical effects caused by the reflections of the changing colours of the rising Sun on this brilliant white marble building. Later we return back to our hotel for breakfast.

After breakfast, we ride to the massive Agra Fort. The elegant buildings inside reflect an interesting synthesis of Hindu and Central Asian architectural styles, built by Emperor Akbar, the maze of the courtyards, mosques & private chambers of the fort echo the story of the Mughal Empire.

Following the tour, we will drive to Delhi along one of the India's finest freeways

Home Visit & A Farewell Dinner with an Indian Family: Upon arrival, we would visit an Indian family for an Indian home experience. The evening is designed to give you a 'feel' and insight into Indian family life as well as experience typical Indian hospitality and homemade Indian food

After dinner transfer to the International airport to board your flight to back home

We do hope the flavor of India will remain on your taste buds for all times to come and hopefully would kindle an indelible fondness for the country and her people; Thank you for being our guest, and as we say in India “Please Come back Soon”

Tour Cost Based On 02 People Traveling Together Sharing 01 Room:
  • Cost valid for period from 01st April till 30th September, 2016: - INR 39,400* Per Person
  • Cost valid from 01st October, 2015 till 31st March, 2017: - INR 47,600* Per Person

Additional Per Person/Per Night Cost For Suggested Upgrades To Hotels In Various Cities
Destination Suggested Upgraded Hotels Trip Advisor Rating Additional Cost Till 30th Sep From 01st Oct – 31st Mar
Delhi The Lalit 4 star INR 1,700 Per
Per Person
INR 2,250
Per Person
The Imperial 4.5 star INR 7,600
Per Person
INR 9,300
Per Person
Taj Mahal Hotel 4.5 star INR 8,500
Per Person
INR 12,350
Per Person
{short description of image}
Agra Amarvilas 4.5 star INR 15,950
Per Person
INR 41,850
Per Person
ITC Mughal 4 star INR 600
Per Person
INR 1,100
Per Person
The Gateway (Superior Taj View) 4 star INR 2,200
Per Person
INR 4,050
Per Person
{short description of image}
Jaipur ITC Rajputana 4.5 star INR 900
Per Person
INR 1,000
Per Person
Royal Heritage Haveli 4.5 star INR 5,700
Per Person
INR 4,200
Per Person
Rambagh Palace 5 star INR 15,900
Per Person
INR 27,100
Per Person

Upgrades at same price available depending upon exact date of travel.

*T & C Apply

Includes : Accommodation on twin share basis ; daily American breakfast ; air- conditioned private car for all journeys and tours ; local guides ; Elephant ride in Jaipur and rickshaw ride in Delhi; Home dinner with an Indian Family.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!!
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